Local Talent Spotlight… Fly Language

Hello my rebels and not so rebels!

I hope you all have been absolutly amazing. It’s been quite the adventure me lately but I refuse to bore you this post with all the dramatics that is considered to be my life. lol However I will say it’s not that bad. Just the usual mom with kids thing. lol Don’t worry I got you guy with an update on this “New Journey” I’m on next post!

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Rebel with a Cause… Kinda

I really hope you all enjoyed my last post, it felt good to actually put into words how important my anchor is to me. It will always be a ride but one I’m thankful for.

This post might be a bit long but it’s time to launch a new series and I hope you guys come and enjoy the moments with me.

Alright now, let’s get to the title….

Local Talent Spotlight

What is it? Why are you doing this? How do you choose someone? Question, question, question… 

Those are all of the questions I asked myself when I decided to start this series. Living in Tampa as long as I have I’ve come to notice in the past year alone that I can get so lost in my daily routine that I could potentially be missing out on so much greatness in my own backyard. If that’s happening to me and it took me so long to realise it then I can guarantee I’m not the only one.

The culture, the presence of the arts and the amount of creatives in this city is inspiring all in itself.

With there being a large amount of creatives in the area (which I absolutely love by the way) there’s an even larger amount of unknown creatives in the area.

This is where I step in. I know personally when I begin to purchase something from a brand, purchase music from an artist, purchase a piece of art, have my pictures taken, etc.; I like to do my research. It’s not easy to find anything on these creatives from their human side, not just as a brand designer, a music artist, a photographer, an artist in general. What I’d like to do is get to know as many creatives/entrepreneurs as I can and get to know them past their brand. Oh believe me I will touch on their accomplishments and what they are passionate about but I have a set of questions I plan to ask each creative to get their genuine answers. Give them another place to shine on a different platform, even if it is a measly old blog.

Let’s get this started…

Fly Language

I’m not sure if many of you have heard of it but from what I can see it’s a brand that seems to be taking off pretty fast not only on the local scene but even making it’s way internationally. (lol taking off, that was corny but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it. Don’t judge me! lol)  As I see more and more of the brand popping up I became intrigued to want to know not only about the brand but about the person behind the brand.

So in typical me fashion here’s a little background on the gentleman who is known as

the Pilot:


His name is Daniel Watkins and he’s lived in Tampa for about 15 years. Him and his family moved down from Long Island, NY in June 2004. His dad was the person who brought them down to Tampa and it was something that Daniel expressed rather passionately that he was grateful to his father for making that move.

Family is important to Daniel and that’s something I picked up immediately. You can feel the pride coming off of him when he speaks about his family and his love for them. That especially shows when he spoke about his sister Genea, only 26 at the time, passing away in April 2013.

One thing I appreciated about listening to him speak about her passing is that he not once used her passing as an excuse not to continue to live his life to the fullest. He actually said exactly that, her passing just made him more aware that life was short. He has always been ambitious and always wanted to travel the world. His sister passing was his eye opener that if he wants something he needs to go get it. Traveling is what he wanted to and he went to go and get it. He booked his first trip to Puerto Rico by himself and the rest is HISTORY! Now how many of you can say you’ve pet a tiger?? Not me…. but this man can say he can!


Now to the why he is known as the Pilot…. The brand…

Fly Language officially launched on July 9, 2018.

I bet you’re wondering what in the world does Fly Language mean?

From the Pilot, “Let’s start here: The I love you symbol has two meanings in American Sign Language. If you move your hand up and down, it means to FLY. If you twist your you hand left to right, it means I LOVE YOU.

I just gave it another meaning. If you rotate your hand forward and place your palm over your heart, it means FLY LANGUAGE.” #FLYLANGUAGE #🤟🏾

As taken from their website’s about section,

“It is a brand that symbolizes being “FLY” in the fashion sense of the word and sharing LOVE wherever you go, no matter how far.” #FLYandtakeLOVEwithyou

Now if that isn’t dope I don’t know what it is. Now here’s an even better reason to love what this brand is representing, it all goes back to his sister Genea. If you look at their merchandise you will see her name on their products. She was deaf and had cerebral palsy so his family communicated with her through sign language, which brings us full circle to Fly Language.

image1 (3)

When talking to him about the brand, the light that I saw come to his eyes when he spoke about his family was there all over again. Fly Language is his baby and you can tell.

fly language logo

It took Daniel about a month to figure out the name and official logo going through at least 12 different versions of what the logo could have been. I’m glad they chose the one they did! In the beginning you wonder where your sales are going to come from and for Fly Language family and friends were the ones making initial purchases. Daniel and his team decided to start doing small events to begin to get their brand and name out. They did an event at Armature works and he realized that he actually felt comfortable talking to customers, telling the brand’s story and getting that face to face interaction. That’s always a great thing because as most of us know the only way to get your name and your brand out there is to get yourself out there which means stepping out of your comfort zone. One thing Daniel is currently working on.

While talking about Fly Language I found myself interested in what inspired him to make a travel brand of clothes and after a little bit of thought he said he wanted to be like a North Face in the travel community. North Face is a well known brand that is recognized as a travel brand and that’s the direction Daniel would like Fly Language to go eventually even be bigger than North Face. Here is when my consumer brain kicked in and I asked him if he automatically wanted to be the brand chosen over North Face he hit me with quite the solid answer.

His brand has a meaning, there’s a background story to this brand. That alone is enough to not only set him and his brand apart from other brands but as I like to put it, the brand also pulls the heart strings of most consumers. The mantra “Fly and take love with you” is what we need more of, even for those that don’t travel the brand in itself promotes “do anything with love.”

Now as a creative myself I always wonder what someone’s favorite part of their career, projects, business, ventures, etc. It’s always interesting to see what people enjoy. For the Pilot of Fly Language it’s all about the designing and coming up with new ideas. It gives him a space to let his artistic juices flow and we ALL Know I’m completely on board for having a creative outlet.

Being the Owner of a brand there’s not much we don’t see on social media but of course, how do we know that who we are seeing on social media is actually the person behind the brand. There’s more to one’s life than social media so I asked Daniel what he would like people to know about him that they wouldn’t get from his social media account and he looked at me and simply said,

“What you see is what you get.”

That was enough for me. Moving on lol

Any new projects for Fly Language?

That answer was one I loved. There’s a new addition to the Fly Language gear and it contains an alien. (as pictured below in my most professional voice)

Now don’t get me wrong I love aliens but this one I love even more. First , why do I love aliens so much…. good question, I just know there’s another version of me somewhere out there in an alternate universe typing up a Flying Saucer Language blog post and I’m for it. lol Enough about me back to Fly Language. 

When I saw the alien I immediately asked Daniel, why the alien? His answer was that “We are all aliens. We’re all different and come from different places. Using an alien as the character of the brand eliminates the ability to separate us but instead bring us together.”


As we talked about the universe and how many galaxies there could possibly be, which thank you Pastor Craig from Grace Family Church because he  answered the question for us, there’s over 2 million galaxies, there’s DEFINITELY aliens out there.

As we’re sitting there talking galaxies, universes and aliens that immediately made me ask about the future of Fly Language, where did he see this brand going and what’s his end goal with this brand?

In the sense of where the brand is going his main objective is to never stop. His father was a comedian so Daniel was accustomed to famous people; his father was around when Tracy Morgan’s career first started. One thing that he learned from his father was to not stop as his father regretted the fact that he gave up his career. That is what drives Daniel even more to not give up. He has a team of close friends and family who he looks to for inspiration as to what direction the next line of products might consist of.

His end goal is to be able to run his brand and business so well that he will be able to live the mantra of the brand full on, “FLY and Take love with you,” for the rest of his life. All of his work is done for his family and if you read earlier about how much he loves his family I don’t see this Pilot stopping anytime soon.

Everyone has a human side, here’s Daniel’s…

I asked him what he likes to do outside of his day to day work and working on the brand and he works out and spends time with family. (Told you this man goes hard for his family… kudos to you Daniel!)

Now to my favorite question and honestly one I’m excited to ask more people….

What’s your spirit animal?

oooooooo…. that’s a deep one. 

Well his answers actually were pretty deep and pretty dope.

He initially chose the Bengal Tiger as the main animal because he felt the tiger’s power and the second animal was an elephant because he rode one in Thailand. He did admit that he wanted the Bengal Tiger to really be his spirit animal but with some thought he realized that his connection that he made with the elephant that he rode in Thailand, feeling the energy from the elephant was way bigger than what he felt with the tiger… his final answer….

The Elephant. 


I did ask if he had any last details he wanted me to add or if he wanted to end our conversation off with something in particular… he added,

“Life’s short. You have to do what you want to do, WITH LOVE THO!”

That was an awesome conversation with someone who I enjoyed getting to know more about and can’t wait to see what new products come out so I can make a few more purchases. lol

Check my hat out below… yellow is my favorite color so of course I love it!IMG_0091

That wraps up my Local Talent Spotlight for this week. Keep an eye out for my next one. I’m excited to keep doing this!

Interested in getting more information on the Fly Language brand or just looking to get some gear??

Fly Language Website & Shop <—- click link

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat @flylanguage

Next Post:

As I said in the beginning of this post life has been adventurous for me lately. If you’ve been following my journey there’s a few updates to make, some big, some not so big, who knows…. Guess you’ll have to read to find out. lol See you next week!

Love & Light.


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