Insert Anchor Symbol Here.

Hello my rebels and not so rebels!

I bet you see the title and think “why the heck would you insert an anchor symbol there and why is it the title of this post??

Well let me tell you, an anchor is used to keep boats secure and in this case security, stability, and being grounded are exactly what I think of when I think of the person I’m writing about today.

This post I’m finally writing about my brother. I know I was supposed to write about him forever ago but honestly I have a hard time writing about my past, not to say it was a bad one but I’ll simply say that everyone has a dysfunctional family in one fashion or another. With him being my younger brother it’s not always fun to talk about how many times him and I got in fights with each other but I love talking about our connection as siblings.


How we would go from taking a serious conversation and immediately make a whole room bust out laughing (we still do this by the way… we were raised roasting each other, imagine how we are on a double team lmao) or how many times we were home, hungry and bored and we came up with our own snacks. (doritos and popcorn were stapled one of those bored afternoons lol). Now here we are both grown up, we have our own families and no matter what at the end of the day, he’s my anchor.


Now it’s time to talk about my first favorite little guy in the world my little brother.

Now as I normally try to do…. Here’s some backstory.

I don’t really remember my mom and step dad telling me she was pregnant, she might have but there’s no way I remember anything I was doing or being told at 9 years old. lol But I do remember being super excited to know when she gave birth to him, kind of. I was only child for 9 years, I was excited about being a big sister BUT no idea what that really meant.

The night my mom gave birth I was hanging out at a friends house when out of nowhere my grandfather comes to pick me up. I remember him saying my mom had the baby and me being happy to be a big sister. While my mom was pregnant she signed me up for one of those big sibling classes they gave at the hospital. I don’t know why I was learning to change a diaper at 9 but hey whatever they say, I guess that’s something you need to know in case your parents leave you with your newborn sibling and they need a new diaper. lol One thing I kept with me was how to hold a baby and how to feed a baby their bottle. When I became a mother to babies of my own those were two of my favorite things to do with them. (when they were babies…. ultimate sad face)


When my brother was a baby I would say one of my favorite memories was sitting with him in this chair that spun around but sat right in front of the salt water aquarium my step dad had (he always had the coolest fish) and I would just move the chair back and forth until he fell asleep. I remember times we would be at my step dad’s softball tournaments and my brother would be so cranky and so tired we would have to drive around listening to Sugar Ray “I just wanna fly” over and over again until he fell asleep. lol

Oh man those were good times. We used to always play Nintendo 64 games together, Star Fox, Mario Party was one of our favorites, Super Smash brothers, all games that we would pick up from our usual Friday trips to Blockbuster. (Woooo that’s showing my age lol)

I enjoyed the fact that as he got older we were always still close. When I got to high school I took him to his first party. He would go with me pretty much anywhere. lol When he was older he would come out to my friend’s parties and never acted like an annoying high school kid. lol He’s such a tough guy, always has been always will be. That’s why he played football but I love his heart and for that I would never let my brother and I have a bad relationship.  I think it drives my mom crazy that after all of these years him and I can look at each other and with a simple look he already knows what I’m thinking. Or how we don’t have to speak but simply be around each other and we know the vibe and know almost exactly what each other is thinking. lol She looks at us like she has NO idea what just happened when we get that connection but we get it.


It’s always kind of been like that between us.

My mom traveled for work growing up so when my grandparents were with us, I was right there helping them making sure he was good. As we got older and were able to stay home I stepped in to help with homework, cooked him dinner, let him play games and played games with him, we would go outside and in essence became his mini mom at 15-16 mainly because I knew my mom was working hard to provide for us. I remember one year I even baked him a cake for his birthday and made sure the family was there since my mom was traveling so he didn’t feel bad. I think that moment took our relationship to the next level.

One thing about us is that just like I was and am there for him, he’s done the same for me as he’s grown up. I’ve gone through heartbreaks and he’s one of the first people asking me if I want to talk about it, he’s one to always try and give me sound advice and although we have so many years between us, a lot of times he is right. Makes me proud because I know I played a part in that. We have open and honest communication at all times, even when one of us doesn’t want to hear it but we’re also able to let each other know when one has crossed the line. That doesn’t mean we’re always respectful but we’re siblings, what do you expect. lol All in all he’s been my best friend before I even knew he was my brother could be my best friend.

We always have each other’s back because growing up we were always told and lived life with the mindset that no one has us, like we do. I have his back, he has mine and no one can have it better than us. I guess that explains the anchor. We are each other’s security and stability although he’s way bigger than me in size now so I think he is more my security than I am his but I’m thankful to be able to guide him on a path bigger and better that’s meant for him.

Being that he is my younger brother I thought it wouldn’t be easy to find instances where he actually teaches me something but I will say if there’s one major thing my brother has taught me, if you want something go get it. Doesn’t matter how you get there, what you have to do to get there, just do it. Everything will fall into place. If you have something in your heart that you want to do, don’t think about it, just do it.


He also, at 13, taught me how to do “Crank that” by Soulja Boy… when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. lol Picture that!

My brother is someone I’m most proud of to watch grow up and I’m grateful to be here to continue to watch him grow into the man and father he is meant to be.

Shoutout to him, my anchor. 


Next Post:

I decided to start a new series every few weeks. I live in a city that is filled with untapped culture, creatives, entrepreneurs and just all around talented people that deserve the spotlight. Next week my Local Talent Spotlight is going to feature Daniel Watkins, owner and founder of FLY Language Brand. I’ll get to ask him questions and learn about his brand and maybe bring even bring it to your attention. Keep an eye out for that interview!


Love & Light.




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