Don’t ask me for a Social Media account again… Thanks!

Hello my rebels and not so rebels!

I hope you all have had an amazing week!

My bad for the delayed post.

…. But I’m here now! Let’s get to it!

As you all know if you’ve read previous posts I’m a cheer coach and I’m a mom of 2. With Spring cheer in full effect and doing my day to day mom life… I’ve been BUSY! lol

Enough about me…. let’s get to the topic for this week.

I recently asked a question to my Facebook friend’s and family on my personal account and here I will ask you all the same thing,

“Am I considered “the strict mom” because at 11 I refuse for my child to have a Snapchat or an Instagram account?

Here is what brought on that conversation…

My 11 year old daughter has a cell phone and so do a lot of her friends. As she’s getting older she’s beginning to keep in contact more with her friends via text, Facetime and talking on the phone which hey I’m good with. I like the fact that she feels like she has solid enough group of friends that she shared her contact information with.

Well with having a cell phone at this pre-teen stage in life for her generation means that social media is at some point going to play a part in her life. I’ll be okay with it at some point but NOT at 11 years old. lol

So there’s this app called Tik Tok, it used to be called and it at some point transitioned to Tik Tok. Let me give some back story on why she has the app to begin with because trust me I was sketchy even about approving that download.

My daughter is pretty much an entertainer at heart, she loves to sing and dance, tumble, jump and cheer. For her Tik Tok is the perfect app, there’s music with lyrics so you can act them out, there’s popular phrases people act out, it’s a catchy app. I allow her to have the app and save the videos she does but they are NOT to go public. If they do she knows she’s going to feel the wrath of her crazy momma.

One afternoon as I was doing my usual random search of her phone, she asked if she could show me the videos she made that afternoon. Of course I said yes, she showed me the videos and all was great in the world until she started showing me how many of her friends and family members had Tik Tok accounts that were publicly posting videos. Me being the mom that I am I looked at her and immediately let her know that she better not get any ideas. That lead into her talking to me about her friends who have Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok accounts and why is it their parents allow them to have those accounts and I won’t. I’m the mom who often reminds my kids, mostly my daughter, that I am not like all moms, I am her mom. I parent how I choose to. At the same time I’m looking at her like “But Why do these kids even need social media?!”

Which lead to her telling me that some of her friends think I’m the cool mom but I’m the “strict mom” because I refuse to allow her to have ANY social media accounts any time soon. Guess what my response was…..

“I don’t care!”

lol Sorry not sorry.

lol with a big ol’ strict momma smirk on my face.

As an adult who is uses multiple social media accounts for personal and business reasons I see what happens on social media. I read articles of how our children are targeted for one reason or another. I remember being 13 and having grown men make advances at me in person, just imagine what is said behind a keyboard.

NOPE, No Way Buddy!

That can of worms will stay closed until I decide otherwise. I’ve always had a strong belief that kids need to be aware but not so exposed to where they’re childhood slowly becomes engulfed with what’s posted on social media, what people think on social media and how to get attention on social media. At the end of the day that crosses everyone’s mind at one point or another while using social media.

“What type of reaction will this post get?” 

“How many likes can this picture get?

Those are just examples of one of the many thoughts that can cross anyone’s mind at one point or another. Imagine being 11, getting ready for middle school or even being in middle school, think of the part that plays in their already transitional phase in life. I feel like there’s too much pressure on these kids to fit in and fit the mold that they are losing individuality by following the trends on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m not sure when my mind will change about this. If your child is not mature enough to understand the good and the bad that comes with social media, they don’t need it. I’m sure I’ll be just as much of a tight ass when my son gets old enough to want to get on social media. Who knows what the next BIG social media app/trend will be the it thing by then but I can guarantee he’s not getting on any of them until he’s mentally mature to be on social media.

There it is, those are my thoughts.

Social media can kick rocks until I say my kids are old enough to be on there. They better not sneak it either, lol they’ll get to see me turn into crazy momma aka Momma Hulk. (lol it’s what they call me sometimes, I’ll take it.)

Next Post:

As my anniversary passed I am reminded of how extremely grateful for the decision I made to let Jesus back into my life.

I know he’s always been there but the moment you feel like you have renewed faith, hope and love in your life and know that Jesus is the reason for it… 

Whooo! That’s big. I’m excited to share with you my journey back to Jesus and how it’s helped me grow in the past year. 

Love and Light,


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