Hello Chapter 33.

Hello my rebels and not so rebels,

It’s been a while and yes there’s always a reason but this time I’m not even going to give an excuse as to why I haven’t written. Also since I normally post on Wednesdays, today I decided I wanted to live through my 33rd birthday before I began this post. Its mostly because my mental and physical health have been getting the best of me lately and when that happens it takes me a little while to bounce back.

Here’s the bounce back.

That’s pretty much how most of life has been for the past 5 years but like everyone says when there’s a birthday or a new year coming up… change is coming.

Eh, not so much change, More like more Growth.

Growth is coming and for the first time in a while, I’m not afraid to see where the future takes me. I don’t feel as if I have to plan every moment, I will now make my best effort to live in the moment.

32 was seriously quite a year for me, a hell of a year for me, in so many ways. I almost feel like I’ve said that quite a few times these past few years but each year I’ve overcome and bounced back stronger than before.

Battling random spouts of depression, becoming a single mom again, this time of two kids, learning to listen to myself when my body is screaming at me to take better care of myself.

Growth, 33 is about more growth.

Have to keep reminding myself that.

I’ve embarked on this journey to love myself again, completely for who I am and not how Others may have wanted to view me in the past or how I thought others viewed me.

I’ve been on this mission, I’m stepping out in my truth of who I am as a woman 100% unapologetically. I’m going to be the best version of me even if I want to break down and cry, I’m going to keep pushing even if I gave up minutes, hours, days, weeks ago. I’ve read a quote a lot this past year,

“Don’t give your children a perfect mom, give them a happy Mom.”

That is the goal for 33. Happy mom, healthy mom, brave mom, biggest fan mom, the best type of mom I can be. The best type of woman I can be.

32 was my reintroduction to my relationship with God and it has been the biggest blessing at the time most needed. When I lost hope, God came in and reminded me that He ALWAYS has me and my kids. When I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, God gave it back to me and reminded me that his blessings are never ending, not to give up. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me for 33 because I know in my heart that big things are in store for my babies and I.

Today, my birthday, has been a day filled with love and light that I haven’t allowed myself to feel in a long time and for the fact that I allowed myself to simply feel again, I am forever grateful.

With that said here’s to 33, continued health, new adventures and more love and light to guide me.

Next Wednesday, Christmas with the family recap. I have some fun extended family so this will be interesting. Oh and the post about my brother, it’s coming. I’m working on it, just wanted to make sure I did it justice, he deserves that.

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