Health, it really does matter as you get older.

Hello my rebels and not so rebels,

I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far. It’s a new week and here we are at a new topic.

Last weeks post was a little dark, actually a few of my posts seem a little emo, my bad. Lol

I’m working through that and like I told you guys in the beginning of the year, you’re coming along with me on this journey through the ups and downs of life.

The ups and downs lately for me have been centered around my health. Let me start from the beginning, the very beginning…

In the 6th grade, I remember being at a school dance with a hair full of oil, hair slicked back and everyone thinking that was just the look I was going for. Um, yeah I definitely wasn’t lol I looked like that because I had a scalp full of white, scaly, extremely itchy patches. Of course my mom took me to the doctors to find out that I have Psoriasis. For those that don’t know (that includes me because I didn’t truly know what Psoriasis meant until I looked it up for this post)

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes skin to scale up and is caused by an overactive immune system.

I lived with this disease for quite some time and honestly while it lived in my system it was always dormant for the most part. After 6th grade I only had 2 outbreaks, once in college (2004-2005ish) and again in 2011.

(Always when life was changing in a big way around me)

As I got older I didn’t have any outbreaks, I guess I should tell you exactly what an outbreak entails. Remember how I mentioned the white, scaly patches, well it covers most of not all of my scalp, if it’s a bad outbreak then I break out on my legs, my elbows, my thighs, depends on how much it can be controlled by my own self (proper diet, stress level, lack of taking quality care of myself).

In 2015 I had the biggest outbreak and the longest I’ve ever dealt with that to this day, 3 years later I’m still trying to get my body together.

What happened in 2015? Well my family and I moved up to Jacksonville and started living life in a completely new place for both my kids and I and we didn’t know anyone there. Of course it was a HUGE transition in my life and although that adventure was a good one because I grew in a lot of ways, my body was under so much stress that instead of it staying inside, my body began the outbreak on the outside.

As time went on I never questioned any of the body pains because growing up all I ever heard was, “it’s growing pains,” “you’re an athlete, of course you’re going to feel pain every now and then.” That was something I believed most of my life until the pain didn’t go away.

After my son was born my body underwent so many changes and included in that is how my body deals with an auto immune disease. To the point to where it has grown and developed to be much more than just simply Psoriasis. After 4 painful years of standing my ground and saying that I would be okay, I finally gave in and admitted to myself that I wasn’t.

After an emergency room visit and a visit with a rheumatologist, it was discovered Lupus was the reason for all of this pain. Lupus means I get psoriatic arthritis (which explains all the body pains) and psoriasis of the skin (which explains the white, scaly patches all over me.)

My doctor recently put me on some medication, to which I will say I’m proud of my growth because the old me would have asked for some opioids for the pain and whatever else she was trying to give me to help the Lupus symptoms as they come. Instead I made her very aware of all opioid issues I’ve had in the past and made her aware of my mental health state.

That alone was a huge sigh of relief because for the first time in a VERY long time I was 100% honest and upfront with my doctor.

I have a fear for doctors, mostly because I was so used to hearing bad news; it’s been a blessing to have doctors that have the same end goal as I do and that’s to help me get better.

If that’s possible. Lol ::Kanye shrug::

I have a follow up appointment on Friday and I’m hoping and praying for good news. I’m thankful for getting out of my own way and diving more into my health because man as you get older, your health truly does matter.

Next week come back and read about my experience at a gas station last week that absolutely mortified me, especially because my daughter was present too.

Peace. Love. Happiness.

– Val Monique

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