Hello my rebels and not so rebels,

Wanted to leave you guys with something I wrote a long time ago; Give you a glimpse of the woman I used to be.

Thank God I am not her anymore.

THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR EYES UNDER 18. Go away if you are please. Thanks.

(circa 2012)

(to the tune of “Rockin’ that Thang” by the Dream)

“I’m in love with you baby and I want you to know….”

As I hear it

I can taste the metal in my mouth,

that high feeling that weed will never come close to.



Floating so high

I can’t see how far up I am until I hit the bottom.

Addiction, Suicide Attempts, Easy Outs

Anything to not deal with the everyday lows and highs that I call life.

From a simple song to my favorite yogurt.

When did I become the person that let’s such innocent things in life becoming triggers of a path not too many people come back from.

Not everybody gets to look in the beautiful brown eyes that belong to my baby girl and know that there is something worth living for.

There’s no better feeling than to be able to look at her every chane I get and say,

I did it.

I have this second chance.

Triggers or not, I made it past that and I was strong enough to make it this far.

“I’m in love with you babe and I want to know…..”

I work daily to beat those triggers.

Hope you guys had fun with that one. Lol

Next week,

– Val Monique

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