Podcasts, where have you been all of my adult life?

Hello my rebels and not so rebels!

I hope you guys enjoyed my last blog post about cheating… that was a fun one to research!

Now onto the current conversation for the day, podcasts.

How many of you out there listen to podcasts? And if any of you are my friends why in the world didn’t you tell me about them earlier?

I feel weird even saying this but the thought of podcasts completely exhausted me, listening to what I thought was talk radio 24/7 (forgive my ignorance, I was clearly missing out) I couldn’t do it.

That idea has completely changed for me, I’m not even sure what prompted me to listen to my first podcast but I thank goodness that I did because I feel like I’ve learned from each one I’ve listened to one way or another. If it’s about the service that I might have missed at church (don’t judge me, I love God and our relationship I just don’t make it every Sunday), the music industry and all the Hollywood tea, my personal spiritual growth or just some relatable ass content, I give it a chance and I listen with open ears. There’s something to appreciate about getting your creative content out there one way or another. Now I don’t know if this is something that comes with being in my early 30s but I’ll take it.

I have a few podcasts that have become my favorites, listen to a new episode every week, watch it on youtube every week type stuff.

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A few of my favorite podcasts that I listen to every week are the Joe Budden podcast, the Xio & Rome podcast, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, of course my church’s podcast Grace Family’s messages and a few others I listen to pretty often.

  1. The Joe Budden Podcast is a hilarious way to sit in on a group of guy friends conversations. Being that I was always one of the few females in my groups of guy friends this podcast made me laugh because guys say things in ways most women are too afraid to say. (…. which leads to my next favorite podcast)
  2. The Xio and Rome Podcast is awesome because the listener gets to hear what most of us females speak about with our best friends, how we jump from topic to topic but find a perfect way to bring it back to the original topic or how we talk about our bodies but in such a relatable way that as I mentioned previously MOST women don’t have the courage to say out loud. These women do and I love them for it! I had the change to speak with Xio from the Xio and Rome podcast and she wanted to let her listeners that she is still on a learning journey in life, she knows enough to know that she doesn’t know enough and she wants their listeners to journey with them each Sunday their a new episode is released. I love it! Keep doing you ladies!
  3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations have brought such an enlightening in so many different ways since I started listening. I started from the beginning, well as far as Apple podcasts let you go and have listened to each conversation that she has had with some of the most awe-inspiring people in our society, it’s inspiring all in itself just to listen to. She speaks with authors, philanthropists, artists and each person has a story of enlightenment to help along your path of spiritual discovery.
  4. My Church’s podcast, GFC Messages is one of my favorites simply because ANYTIME I need or want to listen to the word, whether it be a message I’ve heard or one I might have missed because I wasn’t able to attend service that Sunday, I listen and get the word just as God intended. On the way to work, on the way to picking the kids up from school, walking the dogs, I have God’s word on my phone, at my fingertips and that is amazing.

In preparing for this blog post I did ask Xio from the Xio and Rome Podcast and Zae from the Fresh-N-Up Vlog what made them start a podcast.

I ask that mostly because I always find it interesting to know what made someone decide to start on their path.

The start of the Xio and Rome podcast began by two best friends wanting to find a way to express themselves creatively and to a broader audience then just their group of friends. They wanted the world to see that we all new best friends like Xio and Rome and they do a great job at making you feel like you’re in the room having conversation with them.

Fresh-N-Up started with 2 brothers who simply had a passion for arguing their points to each other from any topics ranging from women, to cars, sports, music, etc then ultimately deciding that they should record themselves and share it with the world. They began having guests on their show who have a positive impact in our city which lead them to where they are today.

Speaking to them both really opened my eyes to the idea that when you want something, there really isn’t anything to stop you. Speaking to them also just made me appreciate the wave of podcasts and I hope it never goes away.

Podcasts, podcasts, I thank Goodness for every one of you who have a podcast for my life would not be whole without you!


Keep a lookout for my next post:

Chicago, Chicago, I love you, Chicago! Windy city here I come and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip when I come back!

– Val Monique

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