Disney Channel made me do this… Zombies.

Hello my rebels and not so rebels!

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m ready to let this little voice of mine become a bigger voice and I’m going to address a movie I recently have had the pleasure of watching…. NOT!

My children are just like I was at when I was growing up, Disney was and still is life. Normally I’m not only a fan of the movies but I am a fan of the shows and cartoons, most of the time because they have a great message behind them. In recent years, I have started to question the direction Disney is going.

I won’t even begin to talk about how Gravity Falls is full of symbolism and how there’s questionable scenarios in most of their movies and shows; Nope, at least not this blog post instead this post is about the recent movie that Disney rolled out called Zombies.

Now I’m not sure what the writers were thinking but I can see they definitely went with a not so subtle way to address the issue of racism in our country and present it to our children.

Let me lay the scene out for you on how I was exposed to this Zombies movie:

We were hanging out at my mom’s house and my 10 year old daughter was TOO excited that this movie was premiering tonight. The movie begins with a zombie apocalypse and although the zombies do not pose a threat they are forced to live on the outskirts of town (aka the projects). The government gives the zombies uniforms to wear and they wear bracelets to control their behavior. The zombie kids are finally being allowed to go to High school on the opposite side of town and in true Disney style there it is, OPEN segregation all going down to a catchy song. The zombies enter through one side of a gate and the “normals” go in on the opposite side. All of the cool kids were cheerleaders and football players and would never even talk to a zombie. Zed-620x349

I mean don’t get me wrong, I truly like the fact that Disney is showing the kids that watched this movie that it is okay to be different. You don’t have to be like everyone else to be considered cool or good enough. The fact that the zombies had to go to school in the basement and not allowed to leave, they ate lunch by the trash cans, zombies weren’t allowed to participate in sports, there were signs saying “normals” and “zombies”. Yet again in true Disney style there’s a love story, a “normal” falls in love with zombie. She’s a beautiful girl who hides that she really has short, white hair by wearing a long blonde wig because her parents convince her that is the only way she will fit in.


Now as a mother of two beautiful mixed babies I was so infuriated I was in tears that my kids are being taught about racism (directly or indirectly) behind songs and popular trends like zombies, cheerleaders, football players. I’m the mother who is open with my children, mostly my daughter right now as she’s the oldest and she noticed what she was watching as the movie continued. She is very well aware of the type of society we live in and although it bothers me to have these conversations with her, I make sure she is aware. With that being said, Disney, there had to be a better way to address this.

Parents, if you’ve seen this movie PLEASE leave your thoughts below, let me know what you think. Am I just reacting to the sensitivity of the society we live in or is this movie as crazy as I think it is? lol

A glimpse into my next post:

A great friend of mine recently asked me an interesting question, one that I think could use some conversation…

If you could cheat with no consequence, would you do it?

I’m going to be doing some research, I can’t wait to write this one up!

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