New Beginnings, New Journey, New Adventure! All 2018…

Hello my rebels and my not so rebels!

whoooo…. It’s been a while!

Well first and foremost Happy 2018! I’m 6 months late but hey better late than never. lol

2018 has been quite the year of change and growth, I’m embracing the CRAP out of it although I want to run FAR FAR away.

2018 has introduced me to a new version of life, one that I’m familiar with although it’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Single life. It’s for the birds but man is it enlightening. Learning all about being a mom and a woman in my 30s who wants to not only feel good but look good, learning to love yourself again and learning when to say yes and when to say no in life.  There’s a foundation I’m building for myself and for my kids and I love feeling like I’m in a position to make this foundation more solid than the one I was able to give before.

As I type that last sentence the first thought to pop to my mind is how funny it is that forever never seems to turn out that way.

As they say in Astro boy, “Onward and Upward!” (Don’t judge me lol my kids LOVE that movie and I watched it at least 10 times a week)

In this time of not posting and being anti social, I find myself in a place of forward growth, with more love, gratitude and appreciation for every chance I get to put a smile on my children’s faces and being responsible for putting a smile back on my own face.

Love makes you do strange things, like losing yourself in it, of course unintentionally because no one goes in a relationship and says “Hey let’s get lost in this one!” but it’s a wonderful feeling to recognize that you’re losing yourself in the day to day and it’s time to love yourself again.

With this new found growth, there is a new found voice that has been unapologetically direct in letting my opinion be known as of late. It’s a little scary because that voice has been quiet for so long but I’m excited to see what comes from it.

I’m excited to experience life through new eyes and bring you all on the ride with me.

I’m excited for all the new adventures, new thoughts, new posts to arise from this time. My posts will range from what this new journey is teaching me, where it’s taking me, all the new adventures I’m going on to reviews of stuff I would have never shared before, different topics that not everyone may address and a ton of more fun stuff.

Coming in my next post:

I don’t know how many of you have seen this Disney Channel Original movie called Zombies but of course my children have which means I have and boy did it leave me with more than enough content for my next post.

Keep an eye out and thank you for riding this ride with me!

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