To all women… You inspire me!

Hello to all my rebels and my not so rebels!


I’ve been in search for inspiration lately and I didn’t realize that I literally have inspiration all around me.

I decided I’m going to start a series of what inspires me.

Once a week (or I should say I’ll do my best to post once a week – have to be realistic), I’ll post something new in my life that inspires me, one way or another.


I’ve been thinking about it and I am 100% inspired by the women in my life.

The women in my family,

The women that are friends,

The women in my network.

ALL of you women inspire me.


I’ve found myself really getting the hang of things working full time, getting my babies going on their day to day routines, being a cheer coach/mom/coordinator, which by the way as not as pretty of a job as the title sounds lol BUT I love being out there with my girl and all of the other girls; watching them learn and grow in their talent and skill, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m learning to juggle many tasks this year and for the first time in a long time I’m pushing myself more than ever.


I find myself asking the question lately, where did this push come from? Where did this drive come from? And where the heck has it been hiding all my life?! Haha

Then I realized, I know some damn successful women, successful in life and successful in business. Happy women, and when I say happy I genuinely mean happy, not faking it for illusion. For those women with babies, they are raising happy families.

Many women who have built names and brands for themselves, all by themselves. Most of the women in my network lately are most if not all small business owners who give me the inspiration to keep pushing at my own small business.

I know women who stay home and do an amazing job at raising their children. Give their children one on one teaching time and it inspires me and pushes me to want to be the mom who goes the extra step in playing a part in my children’s. I know women who work full time jobs and come home, cook dinner, take care of their kids and are still attentive to their men. I still don’t know if I have that part figured out just yet but every day is a work in progress.

This is my open letter to all of these women,

Thank you for waking up at the butt crack of dawn to not only get yourself ready but to get your babies ready. When I say babies I’m not only referring to human babies, I refer to fur babies as well, your men babies lol you know what I mean. You take care of your responsibilities and can still tackle a full day.

Thank you for doing your part time/full time job and doing it with grace and with style.

Thank you to the fashionistas because without you, we as women wouldn’t have so many choices when it comes to finding a style that best fits us.

Thank you for showing ALL women that there isn’t a specific type of mother, there isn’t a specific type of woman, you are you and that’s it.

Thank you for being amazing mothers even when you feel like all of the odds are against you. When you feel like hiding in the nearest closet, bathroom or laundry room to let out a good cry. You’re allowed! You’re raising humans that require you at your best at all times.

Thank you for being amazing wives, girlfriends, significant others and showing the person you love that you love them. It’s not an easy thing to show love as you receive it, you women push me to show love because I know I don’t always show it.

Thank you to all of you strong, independent, single women out there. You show us that we don’t need a man, a child or any of that stereotype cookie cutter crap that fits anyone else’s version of what life is supposed to be other than your own.

Thank you for the days where you walk around in messy buns, sweats, t-shirts and the same coffee all day because you show that it is okay to be comfortable in your skin.

Thank you for giving your children a great example of what being a mother truly looks like.

Thank you to the women who have chosen to pursue their dreams and follow their passions without having kids because you show that it is VERY possible to follow your dreams without worrying about what the critics say.


Thank you to all of you women who GRIND. You work hard to make sure all of your needs are met and that in itself is inspiration.


I find myself always looking for some type of inspiration in my life and I thank God for not only the women in my life but the women I’ve crossed paths with. In one way or another you have helped mold me to become the woman I am today.




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