My first blog post. 

Here I am doing something that started as an idea and that now is reality.

Welcome to my First blog post. 

I’m typing up my first blog post and I guess you’re wondering why. Growing up my favorite thing to do was write. I had over 5 journals at any given time and I wrote in each one of them. (I now see where my daughter gets that from) It’s always something I’ve loved to do,  writing not collecting journals. LOL As a momma of two beautiful children, a 9 year old girl and a 2 year old little boy,  I realized that I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I wrote, wrote for myself or wrote anything at all.

I decided it’s time to change that!

When I write, I can be me, Val Monique, the mom,  the nerd, the enthusiast (I don’t show it often but I’m pretty passionate about a few things), the tattoo collector, the scaredy cat and sometimes I can just jot down exactly how I feel about a certain subject and feel immediate relief.  When I decided to take a shot and start this blog I asked friends what my first post should be about and an introduction was the way to go so now that I’ve given you a brief reason as to why, here’s a some highlights, lowlights and all the in-between-lights of who I am.

I’m a 31 year old guaterican lol Guatemalan and Puerto Rican to the core. I love eating some tamales with a side of frijoles negros with a Malta to drink. My Spanish, as the late great Celia Cruz would say “it’s not very good looking” but it’s enough to get me by. My padre is a laid back Puerto Rican, who just might be the Beatles number 1 fan, from Chicago and my momma is a strong, spicy Guatemalan, who has the biggest heart, who was raised in Chicago. They met in high school, they were high school sweethearts, then came love, then came marriage and then came ME! We moved to Tampa and that’s where it begins. Growing up I always knew who the popular kids were and I just remember always thinking I don’t want to be like them, I want to be like me. I was a cheerleader, played basketball and overall I had a pretty good childhood. Although getting in trouble was something I would find myself doing more of the older I got. I guess you can say I knew all I needed to know about life, or so we all think growing up. I was someone who knew at a young age I didn’t want to fit in and I was perfectly okay with breaking a few rules along the way. I rebelled every way I knew how and I absolutely loved it, piercings, tattoos (a ton of them), gauges, anything I knew that would make my spirit happy. I grew up a little and was given the greatest gift to be given right when God knew I needed her, He blessed me with a little girl. The coolest little girl I know might I add. She’s everything I ever wanted to be at her age, naturally shines. I love it! Time went on and the growth was serious! (You’ll read more about that later.) Somewhere in the middle of my busy mom life I met the man who came in and changed my life, in a big way. Then came our spirited little 2 year old who’s personality can fill a room. We’ve become a full little family, dogs and all. I went from full on rebel teen to domestic momma with a full time job, a part time event planning business, and now that football season is coming upon us I’m a cheer coach/coordinator/cheer mom and honestly although 17 year old Valerie would look at me like “Who is this chick and where is my Valerie at?” I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay so that about sums up me, next post I think I’ll talk about my tattoos and what inspired most of them. I don’t normally share the meanings behind them but I’m excited to share.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post, keep an eye out for more to come! Sending you Peace, love and Light.


7 thoughts on “My first blog post. 

  1. I needed to tell you that I enjoyed every single world in this blog!! Thanks for sharing part of your life, I can wait to get to know you better thru your blog ❤️ Way to go

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  2. I absolutely love it! I feel like I knew everything about you! Haha. I also love that you’re writing about your tattoos next! Look forward to reading

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  3. valerie can’t wait to hear your stories! I love the way you summed everything . I miss writing too! I guess in runs in the family. Proud of what you become. But I am not surprised because since you were a baby I already new you had that shine to be successful. Your intelligent young women and awesome mommy to your children. Keep up the good work and I am excited for your business you can do this ! Can’t wait to do cheers with you. Love you Aunty

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